Andrew and his brother Jackson Devizes began this business in the fall of 2003.

Andrew had completed an apprenticeship to a construction firm, specializing in driveways and Jackson was fresh out of high school.

Despite their young age, both brothers worked hard to make their partnership a success.

What they didn’t know, they set out to learn. After undertaking several night school classes, the pair of them had soon mastered the art of asphalt. And their clients were suitably impressed, too!

Right from the beginning, they built up a reputation for fairness, honesty and commitment to quality.

From a humble starting point, the partnership expanded into a company of ten paving contractor professionals.

Andrew and Jackson still get their shovels dirty, laying asphalt driveways and parking lots for customers. But now they have plenty of helping hands as well!

Everyone who is on board today is fully committed to delivering a truly excellent service to the customer.

All our contractors are talented professionals, with a firm background in asphalt pavement construction.

We don’t just take anyone – we hire the best!

All our crew have upwards of five years provable experience within the profession. They are all also fully vetted, insured and certificated for all the work they carry out with our team.

We do more than just install and lay asphalt paving. We also offer our advice, to both homeowners and businesses about the best course of action for them.

We are not in business to try and rip people off. If our team can see a cheaper way to get the best result for your driveway, then we tell you about it.

Customer service and commitment to quality are what drives us. Doing the best job we can do and maintaining our standards count more than making a quick buck does.

When you book with us, you book the best driveway contractors in town!

Call us today to see how we can help you.

Andrew and Jackson