There are so many reasons why we love asphalt paving.

But if you think we might be a tad biased, then don’t just take it from us. We asked other professional asphalt paving contractors why asphalt paving was their number one surfacing choice – this is what they said.

1) It Is So Durable

Unlike gravel, which blows away or concrete, which will crack and stain drastically, asphalt is the more durable solution.

Of course, it still needs your maintenance and tender love and care, but with the right attention, your asphalt driveway could last for more than twenty years.

2) It looks good.

Asphalt has a clean, compact finish to it, which other paving surfaces struggle to compete with.

There are no gimmicks with asphalt, just a beautiful simplicity to it, which will make the front of your property shine!

3) It Can Cope With Heavy Weather!

Concrete may crack up when confronted with cold weather.

But with the right consistency, application and aftercare, this does not necessarily have to be the case with an asphalt pavement.

A properly installed asphalt driveway should be able to withstand snow, ice and hail, as well as the summer sun.

And unlike gravel it won’t blow away in the next storm!

4) It’s Even Better When You Sealcoat It!

Freshly laid asphalt paving has a luscious black sheen to it.

After a period of time has elapsed though, this may fade.

The good news is that you can do something about this and help prevent the graying of your asphalt driveway.

By applying a sealcoat to your asphalt pavement, you can increase its glorious black color.

This will also sustain your asphalt driveway’s durability as well.

By having your paving sealcoated you will not only keep its blacktop gleaming come rain or shine, but you will also be future proofing it.

Asphalt that has been sealcoated lasts longer than asphalt that hasn’t.

A sealcoat helps to protect your asphalt against the harsh extremes that the weather has to throw at it.

It will withstand the UV rays of the sun better and be less likely to crumble under heat stress. It will also be less prone to water damage, in the rain.

5) It Is Environmentally Friendly

Asphalt can be recycled and it is possible to re use old asphalt time and again.

Porous asphalt can help to drain water through into the soil beneath, preventing a build up of water and lowering the risk of a flood.

This helps the environment in many ways and it also helps the homeowner prevent a flood on their property!

6) It Is Easier To Repair.

Compared to a concrete surface, your asphalt driveway will be easier and cheaper to repair.

This is because solutions to cracking or potholes can be locally applied and therefore cost less to do.

The repairs also harden and set relatively quickly. This means that your driveway will be back in play and ready for use, within a shorter timescale than a concrete pavement would be.

7) It Can Be Used Soon After Laying.

Unlike concrete, which may take up to a week to set after it has been laid, asphalt is quick to solidify.

You may be able to start using your brand new asphalt driveway as little as forty eight hours after it has been installed. This does depend on the time of year and weather conditions, but it is a quicker drying material than concrete is to lay.

We recommend asphalt driveways to any customer looking for a mixture of convenience, value and durability!

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